5d Molato Lotion


$ 160.00

Upgraded 5D molato whitening set
this isn’t the regular molato whitening
our 5Dmolat whitening set whiten fast
Our molato 5D whitens the skin without side effects
it moisturizes✅
it clears
dark spots✅
green veins✅
faint stretch marks✅
white patches✅
scar marks✅
skin impurities✅
it contains alpha arbutin, vitamin c, vitamin b3, papaya extracts, macadamia oil, curcumin extracts and infused with spf 90 to beautify your skin while also whitening it.
Experience clear, soft, white glassy skin.
See results from 1 to 2 weeks

1 review for 5d Molato Lotion

  1. Amoke Ade

    One of the best product in the whole world,I tried this and it perfect,pfa organic skincare is the best

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